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Indie psychological horror puzzle game

Players take on the role of an amnesiac man who awakens in a mysterious mental hospital. As they explore, they unravel a story involving their own origins and the conspiracy brewing within the walls of the mental institution.

Platform: Windows & Web 
Engine: RPG Maker
Number of player: 1



Indie solving mystery game


One day in the year 2000, the news channel of Shan Cheng City inexplicably displayed an old advertisement, featuring the deceased boy with psychic abilities known as the "Three-Eyed Prodigy". There were rumors that the ghost of the Three-Eyed Prodigy was hijacking the television signal. The investigative bureau launched an investigation, and as the investigation deepened, the secrets of a criminal organization lurking in the darkness were gradually uncovered.

Platform: Windows
Engine: RpgMaker
Number of player: 1



Indie narrative game

The disabled son, suffering from muscular dystrophy, remains silent whenever a spider appears at home. However, when his mother finds the spider and kills it, he starts speaking again. This time, he hasn't uttered a word for several days... 

Platform: Windows & Web 
Engine: RPG Maker
Number of player: 1


Tears Never Fall

Graduation Project at Tokyo University of the Arts

A puzzle game about people living in an abandoned space city and facing an unknown creature that breaks their lives. 

Platform: Windows & Mac 
Engine: Unity
Number of player: 1

屏幕快照 2022-04-11 00.44.44.png

Graduation Video Game at ISART DIGITAL


Into The Page

Winner of Rookie Awards 2021 Game of the Year | Mobile 

Agatha Scott, private investigator, is assigned to the Zacharias' Mansion, tasked with solving the disappearance of Charlotte, the youngest member of the family.

Platform: Mobile & Tablet 
Engine: Unity
Number of player: 1


A small platformer made in 3 days during the game jam "Ludum Dare 48"

Theme: Deeper and deeper


Platform: Windows & Linux & Web 
Engine: Godot
Number of player: 1



A small hack'n'slash game made in 6 weeks at ISART DIGITAL

You incarnate a lone traveler seeking the Fountain of Eternity to cure his illness. As he travels through Ancient Egypt, he will cross the path of many monsters during his journey.

Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity
Number of player: 1

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